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Air Purification

Quiet and Effective Air Purifiers

Air quality impacts your health and well-being. With proper ventilation and cleanup, you can prevent the spread of cold and flu, as well as more dangerous ailments brought on by mold, asbestos, and other contaminants. The E·Z Breathe Ventilation System can help! It exhausts stale air and all the contaminants and moisture that come with it.

Even though it's installed in one room, E·Z Breathe achieves complete home air quality changes by drawing air throughout the home to replace the stale air being exhausted. Contact Cral Contracting Inc. for all your air purification needs.
Air Purifiers

Benefits of E•Z Breathe Ventilation System

The E·Z Breathe unit itself is a quiet, unobtrusive apparatus that fits easily into any room in the house. With no water or filters to change, it requires no ongoing time or attention. With its energy-efficient design, it requires very little power and no ongoing investment. It is a truly revolutionary approach to home ventilation.
  • Maintenance free and easy to operate with and no filters to change or buckets of water to empty
  • Energy efficient - costs less than $2-4 per month to operate
  • Large capacity - one E·Z Breathe unit does work comparable to seven dehumidifiers
  • Versatile - E·Z Breathe is used in full basements, slabs, or crawl spaces
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Replaces the air in your home up to 10 times a day!
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