CRAL Contracting, Inc. (“CRAL”), is an environmental remediation company based in Syracuse, NY., offering a full range of remediation services for residential, industrial, and commercial customers.  The most of which is asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and lead remediation.

Craig Zinserling, President/Owner is a native of the Syracuse area.  Zinserling began his career in residential construction, then on to a management position for a national environmental company before starting CRAL in March of 2004.

The company is headquartered in Syracuse, NY but has several satellite offices across upstate New York.

CRAL focuses on keeping people safe and healthy. Protecting people, protecting the community, and protecting the environment, the three P’s that guide CRAL’s work.

CRAL and all its employees have the most up-to-date accreditations, which is regulated through the Department of Labor and the Department of Health in New York State.

Those accreditations and training, personal protective equipment, as well as the engineering and safety controls CRAL uses on job sites, have helped the company to develop and maintain a reputation of excellence.